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RockeTier the performance experts
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RockeTier is a software solution company,which utilizes its knowledge and skills to help companies from both start-up industry and enterprise sector. RockeTier has numerous successes stories in solving customers´┐Ż system performance bottlenecks and scale out limitations, providing immediate fixes and workarounds in a short time frame and when necessary, redesign and implementation for the next generation solutions employing grid and/or in-memory databases in the Web 2.0, Telecom and finance markets.

Why RockeTier?

Our goal is to change the way the High Tech industry thinks, making IT greener, aligning technology performance to business requirements and slash transactions processing time. If you think you are able to design and develop "Tera Architecture" software systems handling billions of events every day, if you are able to dive into existing code base and find out ways to slash processing time, or you are the one that no one can boost your code performance, if you believe you can make unbelievable things come true, you are in the right place...

We also recruit talented developers who are able to learn new technologies, handle sophisticated challenges and provide creative solutions to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before...

Join the challenge...

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