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7 July, 2009
RockeTier presents at the upcoming MySQL UG, July 7, 2009: "Moving your traffic out of the database - Doing more without changing your existing MySQL"
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16 June, 2009
Moshe Kaplan, RockeTier CEO will present in the Alpha Geeks Meetup: "Implementing massive internet scalability with Sharding"
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Meet us at the Alpha Geeks Meetup

12 June, 2009
Moshe Kaplan, RockeTier CEO and Industry cloud expert was quoted in the IT professionals survey:
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Cloud Slam 09' RockeTier presentation is available online.

Cloud computing is a whole new game: we are no longer talking about equity and CapEx, but regarding OpEx.
So why are you still paying so much every month for your cloud services? How can it be reduced? What are the industry state of art methodologies to gain more out of your cloud service provider? How to do more with same, and how to gain a better ROI for your project? and last but not least, how to help saving our world.
In this presentation we'll discuss how can you make your software more efficient, and how to focus on core components of the system and achieving 80% boost in 20% effort.

Video of the session:

25 March, 2009
RockeTier: STKI summit 2009 sponsor

24 March, 2009
Meet us at the STKI Summit 2009
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16 February, 2009
The blog System Administration - The Open source way, wrote about Rocketier's case study "Handle 1 Billion Events Per Day Using a Memory Grid"
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1 - 2 December, 2008
Co-Founders - Moshe Kaplan, CEO, and Ayal Baron, CTO, are speakers at the world summit of cloud computing, IGT2008 at Wohl centre, Ramat Gan, Israel.
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29 November, 2008
RockeTier was placed in the IGT cloud computing directory in the consulting section
Tags: IGT, Cloud Computing, consulting.
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25 November, 2008
Moshe Kaplan, RockeTier CEO, presents in the next GarageGeeks event: "How to start up using 10 bucks NRE and Cloud Computing"
Tags: GarageGeeks, Start up, Cloud Computing.
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1 October, 2008
Amazon EC2 is going to support new features inc. Windows images. We added a competitive analysis to this post.
Tags: Amazon EC2, Windows images, Cloud Computing, Competitive Analysis.
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16 September, 2008
RockeTier is now listed in the MATIMOP database.
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4 September, 2008
Red Hat acquired our client Qumranet. Bravo Qumranet!
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25 August, 2008
RockeTier celebrates the success of a project designed to boost the performance of an affiliate management company system, by boosting the team's performance in a bowling game.
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7 August, 2008
RockeTier's CEO, Moshe Kaplan, publish a Google Knol about Microsoft Velocity - Microsoft's distributed in-memory caching platform.
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18 May, 2008
A blog discussing the scalability issues endured by successful start-ups as eBay, LinkedIn and MySpace, introduced Rocketier's solution to the scalability issue as was implemented in an affiliate management company system.
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30 March, 2008
RockeTier's CEO, Moshe Kaplan, interviews to IGT.
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27 January, 2008
RockeTier is a new member in the Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT).
RockeTier developed a unique algorithm for the web 2.0 industry that solves one of the industry's biggest issues - dealing with a big and unexpected users' growth.

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