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Performance News

Performance News

13 June, 2009
GigaOM writes about scalability and deployment of high performance systems
Tags: Scalability, Hadoop, MapReduce, NGiNX, lighttpd.
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26 February, 2009
On line advertisement marketing is shrinking and affiliate networks have to cut their operational expanses to keep their margins
Tags: affiliate networks, financial crisis, Op-Ex .
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16 February, 2009
RockeTier Banners Network performance boosting case study "Handle 1 Billion Events Per Day Using a Memory Grid" was posted in the highly respected industry site:
Tags:, case study.
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12 February, 2009
Crictor interviews RockeTier CEO, Mr Moshe Kaplan, regarding RockeTier's 5 steps performance boosting methodology
Tags: Crictor, performance boosting, interview.
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5 February, 2009
A recent Forrester research paper surveyed 389 global IT decision makers notes that poor application performance results in significant financial losses for most companies.
Tags: Performance Boosting, Forrester.
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2 February, 2009
Google Analytics performance revealed by blogscoped
Tags: Google Analytics, Network Performance.
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28 December, 2008
RockeTier reveals its development blog with hints and useful information regarding high load systems development
Tags: blog, development, high load systems.
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2 December, 2008
Israeli Labor cancels primaries because of software performance issues
Tags: Performance.
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2 December, 2008
Ness Implemented Activebase in First International Bank of Israel to boost datawarehouse performance
Tags: Activebase, datawarehouse performance.
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16 October, 2008
Terracotta could outperform Oracle Coherence by a factor of 10
Terracotta, a clustering/data grid provider, has just released a comparison between its product and Oracle Coherence. The benchmark can be used to implement POC for your project, and analyze the best solution.
Tags: Terracotta, Oracle Coherence, Performance Benchmark.
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14 October, 2008
Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2009: Performance is a major issue based on cloud computing, advanced servers architectures and Green IT strategic technologies.
Tags: Gartner, Cloud Computing, Green IT.
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12 October, 2008
TASE website went down due to high user traffic
Tags: Stock Exchange, High Traffic.
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29 September, 2008
Learn how cloud computing solves peak hours in the enterprise environments and how it helps boost system performance at reduced cost
Tags: Cloud computing, Peak hours.
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18 September, 2008
The Browsers Performance Wars: how Apple boosts Safari performance
Tags: Apple, Browser, JavaScript, Benchmark.
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17 September, 2008
Dr. Dobb's Journal outsourcing best practices, and why performance and other non functional requirements are key metric.
Tags: outsourcing, performance, project management.
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2 September, 2008
"The big brother" caused a leading Israeli broadcaster web site downtime
Tags: Web, Streaming video.
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29 July, 2008
Search Engines Wars: How Cuil failed due to Dig Effect
Tags:Google, Cuil, Search Engines, Dig Effect.
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Singleton Pattern performance in C#
Tags: Singleton, C#, Performance Design Patterns.
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