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RockeTier the performance experts

Our Methodology

Performance problems are extremely complex and due to the different technologies deployed, each case is unique. A "typical" performance problem requires delving into databases, application servers, client technology, code in different programming languages and system and software architectures.
Rocketier implements a unique methodology in order to simplify the problem and evaluate each performance bottleneck, providing both an immediate effective relief and when necessary, design a gradual roadmap to speed up your software system and make it scalable and robust.

Our 5 steps methodology:

  1. Detect:
    Pinpoint your performance bottlenecks using various tools including load and stress tools, code profiling, database profiling, network sniffing and code review to detect performance bottlenecks in specific components.
  2. Rate:
    Grade each bottleneck by importance and provide immediate practical recommendations and performance boost estimations.
  3. Immediate effective relief:
    Provide immediate fixes and workarounds in a short time frame helping you meet your urgent business needs.
  4. Roadmap Planning:
    When necessary, redesign next generation Solutions, using proven robust and scalable solutions such as grid and in memory databases.
  5. Scale up and Scale out:
    In cases where redesign is necessary - RockeTier provides implementation or software design description (SDD), and guidance for in house programmers for the implementation of the next generation scalable system, which will meet your growing business needs.

Success Stories

The Finance Sector:

An international insurance company managing over 20 Billion US dollars in assets was facing poor performance in its core life insurance policy software system. The RockeTier team detected bottlenecks originating from several software infrastructure modules. A practical solution was implemented. The customer�s success criteria was a 20% decrease in insurance policy creation run time, Our solution provided a 40% decrease in run time!

�20% reduction in transaction time within 3 months�

Web 2.0:

a start-up company providing an innovative electronic advertising and billing system was facing its technological limits. The RockeTier team evaluated and redesigned its system architecture and is currently implementing a scale out grid mechanism and caching algorithms. The solution supports 20 times the original capacity using the same hardware. Moreover it supports semi-linear growth (by simple scale out) and high availability requirements.

�200 million events per day�


A VC backed start-up company was facing critical installation problems in the leading Israeli cellular operator. Knowing that existing system performance would not meet client requirements, the company asked RockeTier to help it boost its performance. RockeTier evaluated the system and implemented a workaround to the system database architecture, boosting the overall system performance by 30%. Following that. the RockeTier team designed the company�s next generation architecture, meeting a throughput of 3000Mbps by design.

�Boost Performance by a factor of 200�

Network infrastructure:

A NASDAQ traded company was facing a poor performance in its NMS component when implementing its product in one of the top 30 worldwide banks. RockeTier team evaluated the product and designed an alternative protocol reducing transaction time in over 90%.